Thursday, September 15, 2011

Semester 6 - Folio Proposal

For my folio I am going to focus on surreal artwork that could be sold or represented by a gallery or exhibition. Last semester I began to establish my own conceptual style and I intend to progress this further by trying new techniques and by building on my skills. I also want to put my artistic style to a commercial use, so I am also going to create artworks that could be used as album or book covers.
Fusion photography, a combination of still photography and video is a upcoming technique that is becoming increasingly sought after, and in order to keep up with the ever moving trends in photography, I intend to create a fusion video.

6 surreal artworks

 These artworks should be stand alone pieces that could be sold to a exhibition, gallery or to a private buyer.
-2 must be composite artworks, using a mixture of studio and location shots.
-2 must be unedited, straight photographs. In camera techniques may be used, but only minimal post production is allowed.
-2 must use alternative processes (non digital).

3 CD or book covers

CD covers must include front and back cover and text of the band and album name. May be inspired by existing albums, made up or created for a local band. Book cover art may just be front cover but the back blurb must be included and be appropriately designed. Book title and author must be included and may be based on existing books, made up or created for a local author.

1 Fusion video

Must be 2 to 5 minutes in length and incorporate a combination of still photography, time lapse photography and HD video. Can be about any topic but the video should follow a consistent theme and flow together nicely.

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