Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford is a graphic designer from the UK and is the master of double exposures. The spectacular thing about his images is that he creates them all in camera, which means lining up content takes extreme care and effort. I really love his images as he relates both exposures together really well and aligns them so beautifully. His graphic design background means that he has a real eye for the composition and design aspects that go into his images.
For my second alternative process, I want to look into doing a double exposure using black and white film. It is easy to create a double exposure in photoshop, so I want to challenge myself by doing it all in camera. For my double exposure I am taking inspiration from Mountfords images, as I really adore the combination of studio, and location images, so I will be taking a portrait in the studio and then take landscapes or a macro photograph to coincide with it.

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