Saturday, September 17, 2011


For one of my alternative processes I have decided to try and do cyanotypes as it is a fairly simple process and I really like the effect of the blue tones. The content in cyanotypes is usually consistent with nature, and most images are of flowers and leaves; this is most likely due to the fact that cyanotypes were often exposed by placing objects on top of the paper (much like a photogram) and flowers and leaves gave the most interesting effects. For my cyanotype I am not sure if I want to keep consistent with the natural style, or try and do something a bit more abstract. If I create an abstract image it will look fairly strange, as cyanotypes are an old style of photography, so are usually seen as having no photomanipulation, so I dont know if I could use this assumption to my advantage or if it would be too over the top.

Here are some cyanotypes I really admire.

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