Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denis Olivier

Denis Olivier is a French photographer who does amazing film photographs of landscapes, people and objects. His long exposures of landscapes are magical, and the contrast and quality of the film really add to his style.
Olivier comes from a very artistic background, both his parents were artists and he was interested in painting and sculpture from a young age, eventually getting into photography and studying art at university. In his website bio he talks about how his photographic background began:

"My first encounter with photography took place when my parents performed some strange static dances with an object in front of their face. Later they would close themselves up in a special room under the house for long periods of time, and no one was allowed in. They diligently made sure that they were left to their own devices while inside. One day I was given permission to enter the room and allowed to stay, but on the condition that I didn't move or went out. I remember there was a unique chemical perfume and a red light.
I was bewildered: my parents appeared flashing a white light on a piece of paper using a strange apparatus. Then they dipped it into a clear liquid and Behold! I couldn't believe it, a miracle! They were wizards who created pictures."

I really love the way he talks about his parents photography, it captures the magic of the old film days so beautifully, and adds a touching child-like innocence to his story.

 My favourite works of his are his surreal compositions; his work is in my eyes the definition of 'surreal'. His series is called 'Dreamspace' and includes around 50 composites.
I really love Olivier's style, and his dream like images have a very magical aura to them. There is something about them being film like that makes them appear more surreal, as there is little to no hint of photoshop.

Check out his website for more amazing images, he has a huge range of genres:
He also has a range of interesting interviews, which can be found at his site, one of my favs is this one:

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