Friday, March 25, 2011

Report Methodology

In order to create my report I intend on posting regular blogs, and keeping them organized so at the end I can create my report using previous entries, this will be extremely helpful as a lot of blog entries are about 'in the moment' feelings, which can be hard to remember if you are doing it all at the end. The kind of blog entries I intend on doing are:

Section 1 - Folio Development

  • Respond to brief and plan out ideas, including all of the shots I will need and possible locations
  • Create mood boards for composites to display my ideas and intended style
  • Write about the techniques I used to create my composites, and post 'in progress' material to make sure I am on track
  • Post any tutorials I refer to and use for my Photoshop work
  • After the composites are finished write a summary and a critique of my work
  • Comment on where I want my work to take me after CIT

Section 2 - Context
  • Post a blog on any photographers I find inspiring and talk about them and there work
  • Also post any music / stories /  events I find inspirational to my ideas

Section 3 - Industry
  • Talk about my findings after researching other photographers; what styles are effective and how they achieve them, how they find work etc
  • Research my chosen field further, and learn the best ways to get work as a photographer and digital artist
  • Contact other photographers and agencies to find out more information
  • Report on any photographers contacted, and anything I learn from workshops

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  1. Excellent! This is exactly the sort of research plan that will work out well. Now, just blog away - do not restrict yourself with blog posts, you can always leave out things at the end! So, anything you see that is inspiring, sketches for ideas, lighting set ups - all of it can be posted here.